Wading upstream through quicksand

Did you ever have one of those days when you were just pitiful?  I mean really, truly PITY FULL?

You know what I’m talking about:  maybe it’s that day that makes Alexander’s look like a walk in the park and what comes out of those around you—and even from yourself!—is SO much less than you know everyone is capable of giving?

Maybe it’s that day when no matter how hard you try, you’re left feeling like you got the short end of the pulley bone and all you ended up with was just the little bitty broken pieces…and the only possible polite response…because you were raised to be polite even in the face of all this less-ness…is to bite your tongue and say “thank you” as graciously as if you’d just been cut the biggest slice of your mama’s homemade apple pie?

Cutting people slack is a tough business some days.  It is not a job for spiritual sissies, let me tell you.  I think that’s why God took the initiative and started out showing us how it’s done.

For the record, it’s worse when you’re lying in bed at the end of that day with a stuffy nose and the dry heaves and God slips in and tells you to suck it up…

that there are worse things than your bad day…

and then He has to get to meddling and remind you that maybe—just maybe?—some of what you got handed today looks a little bit like what you’ve handed someone else at some point…

and then (as if that’s not enough) He reminds you that you’re still the most blessed person you know…

and that you’re loved…so much that He has made it possible for you to be with Him forever…

and that He’s placed these people around you for a reason:  to show them HIM and if they don’t pay attention during the easy days, then maybe some of them might just take notice when you don’t act the way they thought you would when they pushed those buttons ever so hard.

Well, tomorrow is another day, Scarlett, so pull yourself together and hang on tighter to the Word and go on out and live it like He’s taught you.  After all, more than likely, someone else is going to have that day tomorrow…and now you just might be better prepared to be the blessing in it instead of the cause of it.

Ask me how I know all of this.  Yes, go on and ask me.  (And you thought you were the only one.  HA!)

“WHATEVER happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.”  Philippians 1:27 NIV (emphasis mine)

Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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