Delayed communications?

What happens when you find a sealed envelope addressed to a friend written YEARS ago–and you KNOW this because SONY DSCyou haven’t had that same stationary in YEARS!?  You mail it.  Or at least I plan to do that later today. I’ve got not a single clue what it says inside, but I’m already waiting to see what my friend has to say when she gets it. Ha! Anticipation! Let’s all hope it is something good!

What happens when you find yourself remembering how someone blessed you years ago?  Maybe it was a special something you’d always wanted, perhaps it was a gift of time or maybe the gift of grace in a tough situation? Whatever it happened to be–tell them thanks.  Again.  There shouldn’t be a time limit to expressing gratitude!  Take some time today to send an email, a text, make a phone call or go by and see them in person.  Guarantee: they won’t turn you away and you’ll make today a better day for both of you.

And what if it’s no longer an option to reach out to them? Share the story with someone you know now. Share the legacy of grace, of kindnesses given, of blessings shared with those you can reach today. Share the gift of a great memory and, perhaps, inspire someone else to do the same!

Share yourself! (You’re a much better gift than you realize.)

Take full advantage of gratitude today!

And one more thing…don’t delay!


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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