Walking it off…

When we were growing up and got hurt playing ball or fell out of a tree or some other hare-brained scheme, someone invariably made sure we weren’t bleeding (too badly) and then said, “Now, walk it off.”  It means get over it (the situation) and get over yourself (you’re not bleeding–too badly–and you’re going to live…so, seriously, how bad could it be?)

I’ve had to give myself that much-needed advice again recently and…and…since I am the universal constant in each of those situations I have to at least consider…well, there is just the merest of outside chances that I just might possibly have been contributed in some small way to some of the fault (surely not!!) or gone in with an “attitude” (I mean, really! Could you possibly see that happening?!)

All logic to the contrary, sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do to make people behave the way they should…or the way you wish they would…and some days, that makes you mad or it hurts your feelings (or both) and it takes some time to get them (both the people AND the feelings!!) back in line.

And sometimes…well, you just need to walk it off.

Since today was the first official day of autumn, it is now the perfect time of year for walking off whatever’s on your mind, too.

Join me?

              SONY DSCSONY DSC


Well…walk completed.  Temper restored.  Situations assessed…and I was right the first time.  It’s all their fault.  (grin)

Fortunately, God continues to love us all.

Here’s hoping your walk was equally productive!

Praying Grace & Peace…for all of us!


2 thoughts on “Walking it off…

  1. thank you for one of my favorite blogs you have written! while reading this, I felt like I was having a huge glass of refreshing cold water after a hard run. soaking it in, letting it replenish me, resting in these truths! love you, and thank you my dear friend.

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