Weekend challenge…

This one is a little bit late because I wasn’t home yesterday to write it!  I was out and about…experiencing it!!  I was ever so privileged to be asked to serve as a hostess for a luncheon at our new church.  This week has been ALL about missions at our church and this luncheon was for our Senior Blessings (my title for them) and the missionaries who were visiting from near and far.

I arrived as instructed and joined in the job of counting out forks, knives and spoons for the 174 place settings.  As I counted along with another lady, we realized that she was the one God sent to me in the grocery store all those months ago to invite me to this church and we laughed at how God loves to answer prayers just because He can.

Once all was in place and the people began to arrive, we kept watch over the pitchers of water and tea for each of the 29 tables until it was time for us to sit and eat, as well.  I hadn’t been eating long when our worship leader encouraged our Seniors to stand and sing with him.  The hall was suddenly filled with the voices of almost 200 individuals singing, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” at the top of their lungs.  It was wonderful.

I sat there with my eyes closed so my heart could hear it even better.  These were the voices of the faithful.  They were the voices of experience…and they know the faithfulness of their God over their lifetimes, so they sang with gusto!  My mind tried to do the math:  I’ve been actively seeking to know God for more than 25 years, so if each one of them also had done the same for the last 25 years (yes, I know many of them have been serving God at least twice that long or more!), then we had over 4350 cumulative years of experiencing the faithfulness of God in that one room!  What a lovely and inspiring thought!

They moved from singing about God’s faithfulness to extolling His greatness in “How Great Thou Art” and, by then, I was free to join them.  What a gift!  To serve these precious people and then to sing praises to God with them!  I was blessed right down to my toes!

So, here’s your challenge for the weekend:  find someone whose life has been one of faithful service and let them know that you’ve noticed.  Send a note, make a call, bring them cookies (if they’re ok to have them!) or a plant SONY DSC(if you’re not sure the cookies are a good idea)–bring them a pumpkin!SONY DSC–or just walk up and tell them in person how much their service and their example have inspired you.  Let them know that they have been a person of influence in your life!  I don’t think either one of you will walk away from this without a smile. I know that we don’t serve God for the recognition of doing so, but I also know that He always approves when we encourage others as we walk out our faith together!

Grace & Peace…and lots and lots of faithfulness!



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