One of these things is not like the other ones…

I’m not sure what season it is at your house right now, but it’s officially Autumn here in Georgia.  That “Autumn” designation comes with certain expectations, right? Cooler temperatures, falling leaves, pumpkins, harvest scenes, small town fairs and festivals, fields freshly mown with large bales of hay stacked on the side…and lots of changing colors.  And what colors do we normally think about when it’s time for autumn? Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, darker greens and hot pink.


Yes.  Around here, we like to be a little different.  We like to shake things up a bit and throw in a bit of the unexpected…and hot pink is camelia1most definitely unexpected in the color palette for this time of year…

…unless you’re a hot pink camellia that’s loaded with blooms and more buds than can be counted.

We have one of those.  Actually, we have three of those, but one of them has decided to get her bloom on a bit earlier this year and she is really showing out right now. (Don’t you love how the hot pink really pops against the yellows and greens of the other trees?) She’s been blooming out for almost three weeks already with absolutely no signs of stopping.  I love it!  It’s like having my very own object lesson right out in my front yard every day!

Lessons learned from the camellia, you say?  Absolutely.  camelia3

  • Make people smile when they see you.  Be cheerful…deliberately cheerful! (I mean, seriously, who can be depressed around gorgeous hot pink flowers in abundance?!)
  • Bloom where you’re planted…and when you are supposed to!…whether others think you’re supposed to right then or not.
  • You don’t have to fit in with what everyone around you is doing. Choose to be bold!
  • You were made on purpose by a God who loves you!  He has a plan that is just for you, so your dreams may not look like every one else’s around you. That’s a good thing.
  • It’s ok to be different!  In fact, your differences just might be what someone else needs to see so they’ll have the courage to be who they were created to be, as well.
  • You are more than what you appear to be right now.  You have the potential to bloom more than you’re blooming.  Keep going!
  • You were created by a Master Craftsman–the Ultimate Artist!–and you are beautiful…just as you are.

My other two hot pink camellias are also loaded with buds, but they appear determined to wait a bit longer to begin their blooming. That’s ok, too. In fact, it’s another great lesson to learn:

Sometimes it’s a good thing to allow others to enjoy the spotlight all on their own.   

Grace & Peace!

camelia4 camelia2


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