Weekend challenge…

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve been looking at my calendar a lot over the past few days.  I can’t seem to keep the dates all in order in my head and I’ve been really grateful that it’s all written down somewhere…well, most of of it…ok, well, a lot of it, anyway!  I’ve been doing truckloads of paperwork this week and I think being indoors so much has made me lose some of my connection to the passing of the days.

That can only mean one thing:  I need to get away from the computer and go do something “real life” this weekend and that’s my challenge for all of us.  I’m giving myself until 5 pm today to get all the computer work I can get crammed into the day and then I’m planning to be as “technology free” as I can get this weekend.

Golden canopy

Golden canopy

No, I won’t be doing anything with bank statements or spreadsheets or the e-version of anything.

No, I don’t plan to be on Facebook or Pinterest or text (unless I hear a really bad joke that I can text to my nephews in MS or if they send me a photo of them at the game or…well, as you can see, the nephews are pretty much my exception for any of my arbitrarily made-up rules).

No, I won’t be checking my electronic calendar, so if I’m supposed to be somewhere and I don’t show up this weekend, I hope you’ll feel free to take great pictures and tell me all about what I missed when I see you again, because this weekend I’m planning to kick back and just enjoy being with my husband and maybe pick up one of those books that have been stacked up and calling my name…hey! I’ve resisted for most of the week already, ok?!

Yes, I’ll still answer my phone when it rings. (Maybe…depending on who calls and when!  ha! For best results, do not call while the game is on, please…that’s just for your own good, ’cause I will not answer then…or when I’m eating–despite what some of my friends think about that rule of mine on that subject.)

Yes, I plan to watch some college football and because I live in the South, I plan to condition some air if God decides to make it too appleshot to leave the doors and windows open.

Yes, I’ll use the kitchen appliances…because I’m always going to make sure there is some good food going on here and I’m in the mood for some homemade lasagna and a nice green salad.

Yes, I’ll be using the truck to get me where I remember I need to be and if I see something cool on the way that I need to stop and explore a little further…

Anything other than that, I’ll be making it up as I go along. That’s part of the challenge, too–what’s your plan?

Whatever you decide about the technology, make sure you have a wonderful time with some real people and don’t forget to have a great weekend!

Grace & Peace!


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