Fall break and other elusive unicorns

My new friend Jennifer has been posting some interesting things on Facebook lately.  She’s been busy fulfilling what she calls her “Fall Bucket List” and she and her family have been doing some pretty cool things. They’ve apparently gone to the mountains and made caramel apples and had a family game night and taken a great middle-of-the day snack break that involved a yummy looking muffin top and a steaming hot beverage. I think that’s amazing…mainly because I’ve never given serious thought to a whole-life bucket list, much less one dedicated to a season!

Actually, since the local schools are on different schedules, lots of people around here have been enjoying their “Fall Break” over the past two weeks. Several of them have posted photos of trips to the beach, to the north Georgia mountains and the beautiful apple orchards there, travels through the northeastern states and even one cruise. Yes, I’ve landed among some pretty cool people and I’m not all together certain that I’m going to fit in. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a Fall Break and now that I’m seeing all these options, well, I’ve got some ideas for one of my own–the main idea being that I really want one!

It’s taken some doing, but my husband and I are planning a little time off now, as well. I’ve been filled with all kinds of ideas. I think he‘s just happy for the prospect of being able to sleep past 4 AM for several days in a row and hoping that he won’t have to take too many calls or emails from work. After much discussion, we finally decided that we don’t want to do lots of traveling on this one, so we’re going to do several day trips to explore our local resources and we’ve got lots of options. Now, our only problem is figuring out which ones to go do!

We want to make the most of our time off together, so I’ve been making lists of things we can check out, as well as things that we need to get done around here that will take both of us to do like finally getting those planting beds weeded and ready for winter and (now that those bank statements are no longer haunting me) getting all that paper clutter cleared out in the office and working out in the shop and…hmmmm…

Frankly, the to-do list seems to be winning. It’s much longer. It has become obvious to both of us that we are not accustomed to the Fall Break mentality.

I am determined, however, that our small adventures list will win the day! I’ve got the inspiration of all these lovely options and I’m going to try to limit our chore “to-do” list items to one per day. We’ll see how well I succeed. After all, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a Fall Break and I’m a little bit out of practice…I think I’m going to start small and work my way up to this…forsythia in the fall

Item one:  go make a cup of hot chocolate

Item two:  sit out on the porch and listen to that owl in the woods

Item three:  be grateful…really, really grateful for Fall Breaks and other elusive unicorns…







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