Rest, Rescue and Redemption

Well, we did it! We managed to carve time out for our very own Fall Break! In fact, we’re just recently back from it–although that sounds far more high & mighty than it actually was since we did more of a stay-cation on this one. It was an extended (on both ends!) glorified–and glorious!!–weekend of all kinds of fun and relaxation that was even more needed than we had previously realized.

Here’s a little bit of what we found as we explored tiny towns nearby and went down country roads with no traffic and explored “the big city”…(and since I apparently took 505 photos over the break, aren’t you ever so glad I can edit?! HA!–oops! That number didn’t include the ones on my phone!)

SONY DSC china  SONY DSCwhale sharkA dragon fish  SONY DSC  SONY DSC the city of   Angelo's Pizza!SONY DSC

It wasn’t until I was going through all of the photos that I realized that God had given us a “theme vacation” this year:  Rest, Rescue and Redemption. From ancient rescued broken china soon to be gorgeous jewelry to reclaimed lands and rescued creatures, from big city skylines to picnics under the trees in the gardens, from giant whale sharks to tiny dragon fish, and from black bears and white tigers to black sheep–both actually and metaphorically!–we filled our days of break with the knowledge that we are loved by the Creator who makes all things possible…and all things new. And who doesn’t need to be made new again at least once in awhile?

Diva Sue!

The fabulous Diva Sue!

Interspersed among our various outings we also found time for college football, a street party at one of our neighbors’ homes, naps, great food, some light reading and a little painting. In fact, other than running a few loads of laundry, we didn’t do a single thing on the “To Do” chore-list I keep running in my head. It felt good to not be on a set schedule. It also felt ridiculously decadent at times…and we didn’t mind that a bit! (grin)  It gave us some time to slow down and focus on the details. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  We took Matthew 11:28 literally and the reward was exactly what we needed as we head toward the upcoming holiday season and the challenges we already know we’ll face within the next few weeks. Score one for God being right again! (Imagine that!) Rest. In music, as in life, it is the “rest” between the notes that drives the melody.

While we were at the Atlanta Aquarium one of their docents mentioned that the majority of their residents were there because they would be unable to survive and thrive in their natural habitats due to varying defects, damages or naturally occurring physical differences. Additionally, there was a sign at Noah’s Ark that said something along the lines of “all the animals in this area are either physically, emotionally or mentally damaged–pet at your own risk”…and Good Lord, isn’t that all of us at some point? And we wonder why some people react the way they do?  Rescue and Redemption.  We all need this!

A safe place to be and the opportunity to live productive lives…this is Kingdom business whether we’re on vacation or up to our hips in the messy parts of life. God offers all of us the opportunity for Rest, Rescue and Redemption through His Son, Jesus Christ. Seems like the least we can do is share that same grace with those around us.

How will you do that this weekend? this month? today?  It is a choice…and therein lies the challenge.

Grace & Peace!

SONY DSC   Thought I’d share these two just for fun:  We were trying to get a close shot of the blue berries on this tree when we surprised this little one AND is it just me or do the starfish in this photo look like little kids on a playground:  they’re doing a high 5 and climbing up the rock while two more lie out in the middle of the school yard?! HA! I love it when God lets us in on the funny!star fish high five & climbing a rock


One thought on “Rest, Rescue and Redemption

  1. You know, the more I look at that last photo, I think there was actually a fight: The victors are high-fiving each other, the victims are laid out on the floor and the 5th one is getting out of there before they notice him! Ha!


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