The holiday that never ends…

harvest-angelIt is the holiday that never really ends for us as Christians…Thanksgiving. Here in the United States, it is a legal holiday and people celebrate with family and friends, by eating way more than is good for us, by watching parades and football games and old movies, and with holiday buying that has very little to do with telling God how very thankful we are for all of the blessings He’s given to us over the past year…and yet…He keeps on giving. While we have often lost the true spirit of the holiday—every day!—He still gives and gives and gives.

God’s like that, you know. He’s not burdened with a complex about being snubbed or freaked out by our lack of gratitude. He’s much, much bigger than that. What we do as we celebrate this holiday says much more about who WE are than it does about who HE is.

So Who is He to you this year? What did you learn about Him over the last 12 months? What did you share about Him? How did you represent Him in your last 52 weeks to those around you? While that’s important, please know that He will always be more than we can learn, share, or represent. He cannot be limited by our limitations and He cannot be changed by our distractions and our continual focus on self.

He is the Perfect, the Unchanging, the Ever-lasting Love that each of us desperately seeks—often in all the wrong places.

He is the Beginning of everything and the End of where we can find all we need.

He is filled with grace and forgiveness and He longs to show you just how much you were created to be…not to accomplish and not to be celebrated for, but to BE. Your very worth is bound up in Him whether you understand that yet or not.

You have a choice, you know. He already knows every single thing about you. What will you get to know about Him? His Word is filled to the brim with loving lessons and gifts of the knowledge of Him and it is available to everyone who will open it up and read it with an honest intent to know Him more. What truths will you choose to learn about Him in the coming year? How will you choose to celebrate the life He’s given to you and how will you share the blessings He provides so that others can gain a better understanding of Him? What attitudes will you need to change…or discard? What will be your part in sharing Him with others? How will you represent Him to the world, whether it is to the world-at-large or simply to the world where you currently live?

May I offer us all a challenge for the next 52 weeks?  Let’s live HIM this year. Let’s walk and talk and learn HIM this year. I don’t know about you, but that’s my plan. I would really love to have your company and I can’t wait to share in your thankfulness as we live Him out together. Let’s get started.

What are you thankful for today?


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