Worship Break

I was driving down the road at the end of the week, listening to great music and telling God what a great job He had been doing in taking care of us. As I listed some of my blessings–and I’ve got a LONG list!–I thought, “How can you NOT tell people how good God is every time you get an opportunity?!” I mean, that seemed like a no-brainer! (It still does, by the way.)

Not many hours later, I received a call from a friend who had a friend who was in charge of an upcoming women’s conference and one of her speakers was suddenly unavailable…and it was a whole week away! Would I consider stepping in to help out? Oh, and by the way, they’ve got a LOT of women coming!

Well. Really? What other answer could there possibly be except, “Yes, of course, I would be delighted to do that!” Seriously. Delighted! I think I may have actually laughed out loud and said, “Really, God? This soon? You’re calling me on it THIS soon?!” I mean, He already knew that I was scheduled to do the devotional portion of our Ladies’ Bible Study for most of the Tuesdays in September.

Yes, indeed, He knew that…and yes, indeed, He was calling me to do this new big thing, too. The theme for the conference is to be “Broken Into Beautiful,” after all, and Mike and I commented that if ever there was a theme for our lives, that one would have to be close to the top because we are always broken…and He is always beautiful.

So, I gulped really big and started thinking about how I should prepare this week. The phone rang. I answered.

“Becky, my co-teacher and I are both going to be out of town this coming Sunday and after we heard you speak on Tuesday, we just looked at each other and said, ‘She’s our person for the job. Would you be able to teach our Sunday School class this coming Sunday?'”

I have to tell you that, at that point, Mike and I both broke out into full-scale laughter! It took a little bit for me to answer because we were both laughing so hard! I am absolutely certain that the sweet lady on the other end may have decided that she had called the the wrong person after all. And what could I possibly say, except: “Yes, of course, I would be delighted to do that!”

And just like that, I had four preps in one 7-day period of time. Fortunately for me, God has been gracious and provided such overlap in study topics that it has been much simpler than I could have ever planned. I don’t have to address the whole conference at once, just do a couple of hour-long break-out sessions–and, truly, I guess it’s good they’re giving me a time limit because I could do an hour of how God has worked beautifully in my broken life while standing on my head! The Sunday School lesson is on a chapter that we’ve just been studying in Bible Study and the next devotional time…well, God’s already got some ideas for that and, while I know some of them…I’m still waiting on the rest. I guess it’s a good thing that it is 4 days away from now. (grin…there’s still time!)

It’s been a week of prep time, now, and I’ve got to tell you that I’m tired. I’m ready for a break from words and yet, here I sit, typing away. My grass looks like its been taking steroids and there are all kinds of house chores that have been put on hold this week, but I’m getting ready to go worship tonight with what we hope will be a big group of ladies who are meeting at our church tonight for a coffee-dessert-and-worship experience that they’ve entitled, “Thirsty.”

SONY DSCI love that. Thirsty. Even after a week of recounting blessings and being in the Word and talking to God, I can’t wait for this. In fact, I almost feel like it is my reward for the week. It seems like an answer to prayer to go and just rest before the Father and hear praise set to music and worship while we munch away.

Even in the telling of our blessings, we need to take time to just rest, you know. Tonight, that will be my role. Someone else will take the mic and lead…and I will just worship.

Oh, I wish you were here to go with me!

Grace & Peace! (oh, yeah, and WORSHIP!)