Day 9! We’re almost a third of the way through our adventure! Can you believe that? You may have noticed that I took the weekend off. I thought we could all use the break. (grin)

Over the break, I heard from several friends about their progress. I also heard that several of us were experiencing significant amount of both support from family AND that they were also having significant changes in their circumstances…some of which was positive…some of which was not. I found it interesting that even as their circumstances changed in “negative ways,” many of my friends have become even more determined to keep their NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER intact!

That speaks to me. It says that they’ve found that eliminating complaints is more valuable than voicing negative comments to just “vent” about their current situations.

There’s always more to the story, but it will have to wait. Even now, I’m typing this on my phone with my thumbs…and I’m not gifted at this. It is now Day 10 and what started last night quickly required over 4 hours of my husband’s time with the good people at McAfee as they tried to get my computer to do as it was designed to do. I’m incredibly grateful for my husband’s patient and determined efforts to make things right for me. Today, I’ve accompanied him to an appointment and it is now MY turn to be patient on his behalf. We make a great team!

I hope to return to my regular posting method tomorrow, but hope that you’ll take the time to express your gratitude to those who support you in patient and loving ways while you’ve still got them with you.

Grace & Peace!


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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