Day 1–NCC2016

Welcome to the journey! Day ONE of NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER is already underway!

So. How are you doing with it? Are you forging forward with confidence or hanging back a bit because you’ve already had to start over…and, maybe, more than once already?

Please know that if you answered a resounding “YES!”–to either question!–you are still right on track. Seriously. You can’t mess this up! THIS is an experiment in attitude, in willpower, in determination, in change, and YES, in grace!! THIS is all about choosing who we want to be and if we’re choosing something to be different from what we’ve been, it stands to reason that it will take some time to fully take effect. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be any kind of challenge at all, we’d ALL be fit and healthy and perfect in every way, right? (smile)

Oh, yes, one more thing…we’d also be pretty boring. If change was simple, everyone would do it. Change simply for the sake of change is useless, but change–where there is purpose and hope and an opportunity to bless those around us?!–well, that sounds like a winner to me! THIS will take some deliberate DOING on our part! THIS will make us THINK before we speak! THIS will have the power to change the world around us. It is not a choice for the faint of heart. It is a choice for the warriors, for those who want a better tomorrow than the yesterday they just completed. Think about THAT for a moment, will you?

Imagine a world where we ALL thought before we spoke, where negative comments were restrained, where comments look more like instructive compliments instead of…well, the way they are now! Imagine what our homes and our businesses, our churches and our civic organizations–or this year’s election process!!–would look like if we all practiced NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER…all the time?!

Marinate on THAT for a little bit…and then go change the world where YOU live today! Grab a friend or 24 and ask them to hold you accountable this month. Ask them to join us! The more the merrier! If you’re participating as part of a group, PLEASE let me know in the comment section, send an email or text or a paper airplane, but sing out about it because that will encourage others, as well. If you’re doing it on your own, then let me hear from you, as well, because YOU are NOT alone. We’re on this journey together.

You can do this. Yes, you can. Start over and over if you need to, but start. It’s the only way we’ll get there.


Grace & Peace! (and NO COMPLAINTS!)


Your words are a gift. Treat them and your fellow readers gently, please.

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