Day 3–NCC2016

img_1583So, how’s it going with our challenge? Are we having fun yet?! Ha! Oh, I do hope you are. I know  I am! I love hearing from so many people with their questions and their wonderful stories about their adventures with this challenge to change the world!

20161102_074924Those who are new to NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER need to know a little history about how it came to be. While the blog posts are mine, the idea for the challenge was an entirely collaborative effort! (Reminder: LIFE is a collaborative effort and the BEST ones have LOTS of collaborators!)

img_1146I’m living proof of that–and so is this challenge. In October of 2015, a group of amazing women gathered at my house for another of our “retreats”–a time of gathering in and just being US for a weekend. We’ve been doing this at least once a year since we graduated from college together. (Some of our families might laugh at that “once a year” part and, in truth, it was our 2nd retreat of the year! LOL)

On this occasion, however, the conversation had turned to things we had done to observe Lent. One of our group (Hey,Jody!) had actually given up complaining during one of her observances. She talked about how challenging that had been for her–and she is a VERY positive person! It intrigued all of us. Someone else in the room–I’m not sure who, but bless you!–mentioned something about that being a great challenge as we entered the month of November and the season of Thanksgiving. Everyone agreed (some of us with more trepidation than others). I asked if they minded if I blogged about what we were doing and just like that, the NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER challenge was born.

They shared the idea and the blog with friends and family members who shared with others and, suddenly, it was ON! We were all amazed at how this simple idea resonated with so many people. Every time I think back on that conversation, I am reminded of this quote by Margaret Mead:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. 

She was right. These women have changed my life. They are truly people of influence wherever they go and are, collectively, one of my greatest gifts from God. I am more than grateful to call them friends. 32461

Scattered through the blog today, you see some of their collaboration on display yet again. Yesterday I asked them to share some of the things that they were using to help them be successful in this challenge. Almost immediately, I started receiving their feedback.

I’ll be sharing more of their input over the rest of the month, but for today, I thought you might like to see some of their visual reminders. They might even inspire you to set up some of your own–and share them with us here, perhaps?

Whether you send a photo or not, please share with me or with those around you what kinds of things you’re using to help you be successful at NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER 2016. (PLEASE?! I don’t have to share them here on the blog, if you prefer your privacy, but your participation just might be the thing to inspire someone else!)

Think about it…You might just become one of those “thoughtful, committed citizens” that helps change the world! The comment section is now OPEN (along with my text, email and Facebook feed! ~grin~)

Grace & Peace! (and NO COMPLAINTS!)




2 thoughts on “Day 3–NCC2016

  1. This is precious! ❤ Indeed, life is a great collaboration. I have a little chalkboard on my counter that I put reminders on …..I put some of the more challenging (for me) definitions of complaining on that yesterday, just to keep it in front of me. 🙂 It has helped me to remember.


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