Day 7–NCN 2016

Inconsistencies. They get in our way and cause us to be out of sorts more often than not. These are the things that drive us nuts…and lead us to complain.

We tend to value what we know. The familiar. The expected. The predictable…right up until we wonder why we’re bored. (grin.)

I had an opportunity to steal away for a few hours with friends earlier today. It was a warm, sunny November day with temperatures in the 70s. We enjoyed the unusual delight of time together away from our normal duties, had a picnic on a work day, and noted all the man-made Christmas decorations being put up against the lovely backdrop of a large garden full of all the God-made glory already present.

1107161227aI think this picture best summed up all that contributed to our enjoyment. Springtime azaleas blooming alongside late summer peppers and autumn chrysanthemums…and the day was all perfectly lovely…and totally filled with “inconsistencies.” Far from being a reason to complain, these juxtaposed oddities gave us multiple opportunities to celebrate.

Maybe I need to remember that the next time inconsistencies get on my nerves? Maybe you do, too. What if, instead of complaining about those things that “don’t really  seem to go together,” we chose to celebrate the differences and look for the positives? It just might help us make it through the month easier…and it might help someone else do the same.

Let’s start with that as we enter our election booths tomorrow and cast ballots that will surely bring in a new leadership…and give us new opportunities to strengthen our resolve for NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER. (oh, come on, you know it’s true, so you might as well smile about it…while you’re praying!)

Grace and Peace! (and NO COMPLAINTS!–nope, not even tomorrow.)




2 thoughts on “Day 7–NCN 2016

  1. Life is wonderful and how can we complain, we can count our blessings. My blessing is having friends that we can go to ride , look at God’s beauty and talk about his church. Count your many blessings name them one by one.


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