Day 8–NCN2016

If you live in the United States and are of voting age, your mission for today is clear: GO VOTE!! Far too many people have gone before us and given their lives–whether on a battle field or through the court system!–to ensure that we have the privilege of doing so for us to ignore our responsibility in casting a ballot!

I hope you will have prayed before casting your vote and I hope you will continue to pray afterwards. No matter who “wins” today, our nation will still need the prayer and she will also need her citizens to stay involved in the process.

Today is also important in our NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER challenge. Emotions–and politics!–will be running hot, as they have been for months. Will you add to the fevered rhetoric or be a calming encourager for peace?

Whatever your political preference, I pray for another successsful day of NO COMPLAIN NOVEMBER for you and a continuing celebration of the right to perpetuate our freedoms by casting our vote for all of us!

Grace and Peace! (and NO COMPLAINTS!)





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