Day 11–NCN2016

To the men and women who have been our protectors, who have defended our nation from the time of its inception right on up until the moment you read this, THANK YOU!

To the ones who endured agonies and fears untold so that those of us “at home” could sleep through the night in safety, THANK YOU!

To those who have prayed for protection under fire so that we can worship in safety as we see fit…THANK YOU!

To those who have gotten up every morning–or any time they were called upon to do so!–and put on a uniform so that we could dress as we choose–THANK YOU!

To those who have endured both the hardships and the drudgeries of service without fanfare, public recognition or acknowledgement so that others could congratulate themselves on their own accomplishments…THANK YOU!

To those who have valiantly served our nation and gone wherever they were told so that others could go where we want and have the “right” to call them names and fail to show them the respect they deserve–THANK YOU!

To those who heard the call to serve and chose to follow through so that we could make other choices–THANK YOU!

To those who acted with honor and discipline so we could act carefree and crazy…THANK YOU!

To those who didn’t make it home…and their families…THANK YOU! (I know that will never be enough.)

To those who returned in pieces after their defense of peace…and their families…THANK YOU! (That will never be enough, either.)

To those whose official service was long ago, but whose integrity has never waned and whose bearing still reflects that discipline…THANK YOU!

To those of us who know them and love them, to those of us who see them, to those of us who only know them by their portraits, to those of us who still miss them, to those of us who still need them, to those of us who take every advantage of the freedoms they provided without a single thought of how it came to us, we NEED to say THANK YOU!

THANK YOU for your service to our nation, for your inspirational gallantry, for your example of strength and commitment, for your provision of freedom without regard for race or creed or sex or religion, and for giving so much more than we will ever really know…THANK YOU, VETERANS, THANK YOU!!

Grace & Peace! (and NO COMPLAINTS!)




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