Monday morning musing…

One day I’m going to be perfect…but it apparently isn’t happening today. Deeeeep sigh…

Today I’m starting this blog from a doctor’s office and I get the “white-coat sydrome” effects even though I worked with doctors for years, so although this is just a check-up, I’m already over my BP limit.

It didn’t help that I got flat out angry on the way there thinking about someone who was unkind and said something to prove it…to someone I adore…and I can’t fix any of that…

…BUT I can be in charge of me today and choose to respond in grace and in kindness… instead of in kind, which is what I wanted to do. (No, let’s be honest here, I still kinda want to do that. smh.)

I’ve moved on down the road a bit now. Through with the doctor and on to my next appointment and still mulling it over–this desire to retaliate/defend and I know that while defense won’t make a difference here, retaliation would just make it worse, so I’m pouring it all out before God and realizing again how far I have to go.

I’m also reminded that God was good to be specific when He had Paul set down the guidelines for what we could even think, much less say.

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Philippians 4: 8 (NLT)

It’s time…for my next appointment, to choose a different thought pattern, to trust God to handle the situation–without my interference, to think things in line with God’s instructions, to choose my own words with even more care and concern for others, and to get this day back on track. I pray a better day and a calmer spirit to reign over ALL of us! (I’m grinning now, but I’m also serious!)

Challenge for the day: use your words to build UP and encourage someone today!

Happy Monday, y’all!

Grace and peace!

8 thoughts on “Monday morning musing…

  1. Becky, I hope all your reports are good. Thank you for your words today. I have been harboring some hurts that I just needed to get rid of. Thanks for the reminder of what I should do! 💕U

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  2. Oh Becky! You always say what I need to hear. Someone was very unkind to me on Friday and I’ve been agonizing over it all weekend. You are right, defense won’t make a difference and retaliation will only make it worse. It just hurts so bad. I have given it to God and I’m trying just to focus on His direction. You have given me confirmation and for that I am so thankful. Thank you for being open to letting God use you!!

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    • Thanks, Abby, no tests, just routine office check. All is well. Dr. Made me laugh and helped drop the BP. 😁 And, YES! Thank you, Father, that everything going in INSIDE doesn’t have to show up outside! Love you!!


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