NCN 2018–Day 8

Well, hello! I know this may sound funny, but I’ve been having the best time this morning preparing for some upcoming venues, trips, and holidays that I got a bit sidetracked and almost forgot to post today! I think that’s part of the joy of life–the preparing to do part! Oh, I love the DOING, but I also love the PREP–and since holidays are often spent apart from loved ones, my holiday prep has to start a lot earlier than it used to so I can get things where they need to be before “the big day” arrives.

I looked up some quotes earlier this morning and the first three I saw actually inspired this post. Here they are so maybe they can inspire some action on your part today, as well.

“If you’re not lighting any candles, don’t complain about being in the dark.”

“If you’re not helping to make it right, then stop complaining about it being wrong.”

“Don’t complain about things you’re unwilling to change.”

I’ve already heard some mumbling about people being behind this year on their shopping–and compared to where I normally am in the process, this year, I’m behind, too, but I believe this might be my favorite year yet! I’m having the best time rediscovering things I’ve bought for people throughout the year and thinking about what still needs to be done. While Thanksgiving is normally my favorite holiday, I’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit for several weeks already!

Speaking of holidays, gift giving, and mumbling, perhaps today is a good day for YOU to start planning ahead, as well. If it is still WAY too early for some of you who love to do your gift planning at the “last minute” every year–OR, if you’re already ahead on that score, then that’s fine, too! Today’s challenge is for you to take a look around you and see what needs “fixing” where you are. Look for those things that bug you–or others around you!!–and DO SOMETHING about it! Make it your gift to the world where you live to reduce a CAUSE of  complaint today!

What can YOU do today to make someone else’s load a little lighter? Think about it and then get busy lighting those candles so others can find their way in the dark, as well! Make it a Romans 12:21 day and do something GOOD for the people around you!! You can do this. You just have to choose.

Grace and Peace!

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21 



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